Himalayan Salt Lamps with Dimmer

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

After researching Himalayan Salt Lamps for the health benefits, I think those with a dimmer switch would be the best. I want to use one in my bedroom so I want to be able to control the amount of light it sends out.

How To Wrap Gifts Like A Pro

hands wrapping a pretty gift

Do your gift wrapping skills frustrate you? Are you ready to just shove every gift into a gift bag and call it done After seeing this video and reading these tips you might feel like you can actually wrap your…

Superhero Bedding for Kids

Superhero Bedding For Kids

Many kids who love superheroes want that type of bedding for their rooms. With the Wonder Woman movie out recently, the girls are getting more and more into the superhero decorating too. Although Princess decor is still in favor, and probably…

Covers for Accent Pillows in Yellow Hues

yellow checked accent pillow next to aqua polka dot pillow

One of the easiest methods of updating your decor is with accent pillows. And to save money use the same pillows but put covers on them. This not only saves money, but space as well, as you continually re-use the…

Small Tiffany Style Table Lamps

Collage of 3 Tiffany Style Table Lamps

I always thought that Tiffany style lamps were beautiful, but didn’t realize that you could get the small table lamps for a reasonable cost. Now that I know that, I have decided to get one. I have a little table…

Steampunk Themed Shower Curtains

shower curtain in a bathroom with a steampunk flying machine desogn

My husband and I enjoy many different kinds of fun hobbies and activities, including activities such as Steampunk. We attend conventions for Steampunk as well as others, including Harry Potter, Edwardian like “Somewhere in Time” or a Titanic theme, and…