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Have Fun With These Candy Corn DIY Projects

Candy corn has been around for a long time (since the 1880s, in fact), but if Pinterest is any indication, its popularity has been surging recently. And if that’s not convincing enough, according to the National Confectioners Association, 25 million…

Clear Fillable Ornaments for Crafts

clear ornament in a hanging on a Christmas tree

I love using clear glass or plastic ornaments for my Christmas crafts as they are so versatile. I paint them, glitter them, fill them with stuff, wrap them, glue stuff on them, beribbon them and draw on them! I like…

How To Wrap Gifts Like A Pro

hands wrapping a pretty gift

Do your gift wrapping skills frustrate you? Are you ready to just shove every gift into a gift bag and call it done After seeing this video and reading these tips you might feel like you can actually wrap your…

Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Lighted Christmas Tree Kit

This Ceramic Christmas Tree is not only is a great Do-It-Yourself decorating project, but also makes a great gift. I made one when I was young and this year my kids made one – with a bit of supervision of course! I know they will enjoy looking at at during the holidays. In fact now they both want one to use as a night light in their bedrooms after we take down the decorations.