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Christmas Snowman Magnetic Mailbox Covers

A magnetic cover for your mailbox done with a Snowman design is a quick and easy way to dress up your front driveway for Christmas. Not only is it good for the actual holiday time, but for all the entire winter season, so it does a double duty and you don’t have to change it so often. Obviously you need to have a rural type of mailbox to use these covers. I love these and use them for all different holidays and seasons. And they are quite reasonable in cost so when one fades, I get to buy a new one to replace it.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels

If you have an artificial Christmas tree you really need a storage bag with wheels to keep it until next year.Carrying a full box is quite heavy, especially if you need to keep it in the basement or attic for the year. Those stairs are killers. By using a rolling unit you can more easily move from one room or floor to another.

Bright Blue Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bright Blue Christmas Tree Ornaments

It takes a little more time to find special Christmas Tree Ornaments rather than just balls or teardrops, but these Bright Blue ones should fill the bill. I love to use birds and found a couple of them. One of them has a clip on it and could be placed on several branches. And I love love the biplane model. How cute to see it flying around in the branches with the birds.

Unusual Christmas Nutcrackers Decorations

Bunch of unusual Nutcracker statues

While I was researching for the previous post on traditional Nutcrackers I came across these unusual, crazy, and fun ones. Why just have the classics when you can have Jack Skellington or your fave football team colors

Traditional Christmas Nutcrackers Decorations

Nutcrackers started becoming a Traditional Christmas decoration in the 1800s after two books by Dumas and Hoffman and were published on the subject. Later Tchaikovsky adapted a ballet from the stories. The ballet became very popular in the mid 1900s and was performed during the holiday season. This led to the rise of the popularity of suing nutcrackers as a Christmas decoration.

Large Merry Christmas Lighted Outdoor Signs

Large Merry Christmas Lighted Outdoor Signs

My outdoor decorations now consist of white lights along my roof edge and in my trees. I think my outdoor decorations need some serious updating. I have already decided to make some of those big lighted balls for the yard, and I think a big pre-lit sign would complement those nicely.

Pink and Purple Christmas Tree Ornaments

Have you every thought of having a Christmas Tree decorated in in just two colors of Ornaments, like Pink and Purple? I have often wondered how that would look – quite elegant and glamorous I would think. And then how about on a white background – especially if you still have one of those old fashioned flocked ones.

Black Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper

A Black Top Hat is a delightful Christmas Tree Topper. It can be whimsical or more serious, depending on the style and what you think of when you see it. Frosty the Snowman comes to mind, but so do Dickens “A Christmas Carol” or just Victorian Carolers. I even found one with a Frosty head and arms that wrapped around – how clever!