Frightening Halloween Ghost Decorations

Ghosts are one of the top Halloween symbols. They can be ghastly and frightening or even cute. They are one of the top Halloween symbols and they have stood the test of time. The idea of spirits roaming the Earth never fails to make people shudder, so ghosts make a fantastic Halloween decoration.

These spooky ghost decorations range from inflatable ghouls for your outdoor decor, to ghost shaped lights for an eerie blue glow.

I have chosen these six because they all are scary rather than cute and can be used outdoors, so guests can enjoy the spookiness as they arrive at your house.

2424″ Hanging Animated Ghost SkeletonCheck Price on AmazonInflatable Outdoor Dead Tree with Ghosts DecorationInflatable Outdoor Dead Tree with Ghosts DecorationCheck Price on AmazonInflatable Scary Ghost Decoration with LED LighstInflatable Scary Ghost Decoration with LED LighstCheck Price on AmazonBattery Operated Animated Hanging Spinning GhostBattery Operated Animated Hanging Spinning GhostCheck Price on Amazon70 Inch Scary Ghoulish Black Ghost Decoration70 Inch Scary Ghoulish Black Ghost DecorationCheck Price on Amazon8 Foot Tall Inflatable Ghost and Tombstone8 Foot Tall Inflatable Ghost and TombstoneCheck Price on Amazon

24″ Hanging Animated Ghost Skeleton

This Animated Skeleton Ghost shakes its arms and chains while screaming and making ghastly ghoulish sounds.It has Glowing Red LED eyes and amazing sound effects. It is 24″ high so could hang on your porch or in a tree nicely. It uses AA batteries so can be used anywhere.

Inflatable Outdoor Dead Tree with Ghosts Decoration

This Inflatable Dead Tree features a haunted brown tree with creepy eyes and a frowning mouth, white ghosts hiding behind the branches and pumpkins around the base. It also lights up and at 8 feet tall it really catches people’s attention in the Halloween night sky.

Inflatable Scary Ghost Decoration with LED Light

This scary ghost is made from durable nylon, so should weather the outdoors just fine.  It has 4 built-in LED lights that give out a constant white light. At 8 feet tall when this waves around in the night it gives out a very scary and ghostly vibe.

Battery Operated Animated Spinning Scary Ghost

This creepy 5 foot hanging ghost in activated by both sound and touch. The body and head spin around in circles and the eyes spin and strobe and it screams, howls and laughs. Spooky for sure!

70 Inch Scary Ghoulish Black Ghost Decoration

This life size skeleton ghost is perfect to hang from the eaves of your house or a tall tree to spook your guests as they arrive at your house. This is a more ghoulish and scary ghost since it is black rather than white.

Halloween Inflatable Grave Scene

This 8 Foot Tall Halloween Inflatable Grave Scene is complete with a Scary Ghost and Tombstone. It self inflates and has LED Lights to create a glowing night time display.

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