How to Make An Easy Modern Looking Pumpkin Luminary

Pumpkins are of course commonly seen during the holiday season since it is one of the prominent symbols used during Halloween.

They are usually usually carved with the traditional scary Halloween face using a knife. Creating a Halloween pumpkin is very tedious. Aside from the difficulty, it is also expensive to buy several of these if you want to make a display.

Creating an alternative to this, we came up with the idea of a modern pumpkin luminary made out of used empty jars. Quite eco-friendly right? This is a basic activity that even your kids can make. Making several pieces of this would make your house glow during the event.

So let’s begin crafting …

Prepare all materials needed for this tutorial:

  1. A small wide mouth jar for each luminary
  2. One tealight candle for each luminary (or use LED tealights)
  3. Orange acrylic paint or red and yellow
  4. paint brush
  5. kitchen gas lighter (no need to get if you use LED tealights)
  6. Black MarkerPermanent


Step 1: Mix the red and yellow paint to form an orange one. The ratio of the yellow to the red paint is 2:1. You can skip this process if you already have an orange paint. This Pumpkin  Orange paint from Amazon is the perfect color


Step 2: Paint the outer wall of the small wide-mouth jar. Follow one direction stroke for this for a better finish. Let it dry for an hour.


Step 3: Make a second coating on the walls. Do the third coating, if necessary. Let it dry for an hour or two.


Step 4: Draw a pair of big eyes on the jar using a black permanent marker. Create a pupil in the middle and a nose just below the eyes. The shapes that will be used would be whatever shapes you like.


Step 5: Draw a mouth just below the nose of the jar pumpkin. Make room for the teeth while drawing the mouth for better detail. Let the permanent marker dry.


Step 6: Place the tea light inside the pumpkin glass luminary.


Step 7: Light the pumpkin luminary using a kitchen gas lighter.


Step 8: Finally done! You can now display your modern pumpkin glass luminary this coming Halloween season!



The pumpkin glass luminary can be placed on top of your tables, in the porch or even in the garden as decors. This is the modern way of having some small pumpkin-looking lights in your home.

We just re-used clean small jars to make several of these luminaries. So what are you waiting for? Start collecting those empty jars and make this modern pumpkin luminary!

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