Make This Furry Creepy Halloween Bat in Less Than 30 Minutes

silhouette of bat flying near a haunted house in oranges and blacksThis Furry Halloween DIY Bat may be cute and appealing, but it also has creepy eyes and authentic looking bat wings. This bat can easily be assembled within 30 minutes, so make bunches for your Halloween Decor.

Since most of these materials are bought in packs, you can make lots of  bats with the supplies below. If you make a huge quantity though,  you may need another Feather Boa.

By using a printable template you can make the bats any size you want. Make a variety of sizes hang hang them for a great display



  • Print the printable bat template on the white paper to the size you want and cut out.
  • Use the white paper bat template to cut out a set of black bat from the black card stock.
  • Cut out a piece of feather boa that is twice the length of the bat.
  • Glue along the edges of the boa on one side
  • Attach the piece of boa on the glued side and repeat on the other side.
  • Fill in with smaller pieces of boa if needed
  • Attach two small Self Adhesive Googly Eyes


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