Snowy Owl Christmas Ornaments

Snowy Owl

This year I am going to get some Snowy Owl Christmas ornaments. I have about a dozen other types of birds, so it is time for a couple of these. I originally bought them because I always thought that since birds belong in trees, that should include my indoor one too. I have both hanging and clip on birds right now.

Large Santa Claus Figures

Large Santa Claus Figures

Decorate your home with one or more wonderful large Santa Claus figures. I have four now, so I am ready to get another one this year. Here is a decorating tip: Group them together in a pleasing arrangement for a BIG

Ugly Christmas Maternity Sweater

I am getting this adorable Ugly Christmas Maternity Sweater for a friend of mine who is pregnant. I love the saying “Jingle Belly” on it. Although the name “Ugly Christmas Sweater” denotes being an unattractive shirt, I think this one is really cute!

Making the Switch to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Making the Switch to a Vegetarian Lifestyle   This report is for entertainment purposes only and in no way should it be construed as professional medical or dietary advice. Seek the opinion of a qualified medical provider before beginning this…

Tinker Bell Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have lots of Tinker Bell ornaments on my Christmas tree since am a big fan. I just love her expressions and attitude about life in general. So of course she deserves a place in my holiday decorations.

Nerf Gun Rampage Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage is a fun toy that reduces reloading time to a minimum when you have your next fun battle. The blaster is high capacity and can fire off an impressive 25 darts before it needs reloading, so you can keep on shooting when your opponents have to stop and reload.

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Ornaments

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Ornaments

If you had a new addition to your family this year you need at least one baby’s first Christmas personalized ornament on your tree. And If you didn’t have one, perhaps a friend or relative added a bundle of joy to their lives. Remember these make a great gift too.