Favorite Christmas Classics DVD Set

A great way to kick off the holiday season is by watching Christmas Classics on DVD – and a set of them is even of better! This set includes 10 time honored selections such as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Twas the night Before Christmas” and more.

Christmas Snowman Magnetic Mailbox Covers

A magnetic cover for your mailbox done with a Snowman design is a quick and easy way to dress up your front driveway for Christmas. Not only is it good for the actual holiday time, but for all the entire winter season, so it does a double duty and you don’t have to change it so often. Obviously you need to have a rural type of mailbox to use these covers. I love these and use them for all different holidays and seasons. And they are quite reasonable in cost so when one fades, I get to buy a new one to replace it.

Top 5 Toys for Outdoor Play

Boy running in the yard

Being outside and playing gives kids a way to run off energy and helps to keep them active and fit. You can buy toys that are both indoor-outdoor toys, or toys made just for the outdoor experience. Here are five you might want to consider for your kids:

Steam Your Food for Healthy Meals

image of a food steamer with some food

A good steamer is the best and most nutritious way to cook food from vegetables and rice to fish, chicken and other meats. Other benefits to steamers are that they don’t use lots of energy and are quick and easy to clean up. Well rated steamers can easily be bought for under $40.

Patio Umbrellas With Solar Lights

Chair with Patio Umbrella by a large swimming pool

A patio umbrella with solar lights is perfect for people who love to be outside during the day and after dark. They offer good sun and rain protection during the day and wonderful ambiance at night to extend your hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Clock Combination

clock thermometer combination

I would love to get an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Clock Combination. When I am in my back yard it is an easy way to keep track of the time by just glancing up at it. And when I feel too hot I can look at it to easily check the temperature. I decided a combination unit might be a better choice than trying to find two that looked good together. I also thought that it is also easier to hang just one item than two.

Bamboo Outdoor Wind Chimes

Bamboo Outdoor Wind Chimes

I love the beautiful relaxing and soothing sound of a Decorative Bamboo Wind Chimes when I am outdoors. The sound is usually very deep and resonant and soothing tones.