Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Clock Combination

clock thermometer combination

I would love to get an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and Clock Combination. When I am in my back yard it is an easy way to keep track of the time by just glancing up at it. And when I feel too hot I can look at it to easily check the temperature. I decided a combination unit might be a better choice than trying to find two that looked good together. I also thought that it is also easier to hang just one item than two.

Bamboo Outdoor Wind Chimes

Bamboo Outdoor Wind Chimes

I love the beautiful relaxing and soothing sound of a Decorative Bamboo Wind Chimes when I am outdoors. The sound is usually very deep and resonant and soothing tones.

Handy Small Kitchen Tools

I love cooking, but I want to make preparing the food easy and fun. So I look for things that make light work of prepping. I have had these five handy small tools in my kitchen for quite some time and love to use them. They have been durable and served me well. I occasionally look to see if something better has come along and the answer so far has been no for me.

Adult and Child Christmas Apron Set

Get this adorable Adult and Child Christmas Apron Set, “Cookie Maker” and “Cookie Taster” for you and your child to bake holiday cookies together. What a cute way to add fun to your holiday baking and activities with your child.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels

If you have an artificial Christmas tree you really need a storage bag with wheels to keep it until next year.Carrying a full box is quite heavy, especially if you need to keep it in the basement or attic for the year. Those stairs are killers. By using a rolling unit you can more easily move from one room or floor to another.