Specialty Lighting Options for Halloween

Specialty Halloween lights are a fantastic way to illuminate both your home and your yard on Halloween. There are lots of lights available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and if you place them in the right positions you can give your home a satisfying eerie glow.

When it comes to selecting your lights, there are lots of options out there. If you’re looking for lights that you can drape, wrap or hang from a variety of locations then rope lights are an excellent choice. Alternatively, if you want lights shaped like your favorite Halloween characters, you can pick up bat shaped lights, black cat shaped lights and more.

Lights are an excellent way to add an eerie atmosphere to your home or yard. They create a perfect contrast against the darkness of Halloween and look brilliant when set up right.

Below is an overview of six of the best Halloween lighting options I found.

18 Feet Purple Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights

These 18 Feet Purple Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights are an extremely versatile way to add a purple glow to your yard or home. There are plenty of ways you can use them including hanging them from your deck railing or fence, wrapping them around an outdoor pole, hanging them around door frames or using them to outline your windows.

Halloween Lighted Bat Window Decoration

This Lighted Bat Window Decoration is a purple light up bat that you can place anywhere in your home. It measures 14 inches by 17 inches and features 43 mini lights (41 purple lights that provide the outline of the bat and 2 are green lights which act as eerie bat eyes). It also comes with suction cups which allow you to easily attach it to any window or wall.

Lighted Cat on Moon Window Decoration

This Halloween Lighted Cat on the Moon Window Decoration is similar to the light up bat featured above but is a purple silhouette of a cat sitting in an orange moon. Like the light up bat, it measures 14 inches by 17 inches and contains 43 mini lights. In addition to this, it comes with suction cups that allow you to easily fix it to any window or wall. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

100 Orange Halloween Lights Set With Black Wire

This 100 Orange Halloween Lights Set is an excellent alternative or addition to the purple rope light listed above. The black and orange color scheme perfectly fits the Halloween theme, and with 100 different lights can brighten up any room or outdoor area. Plus, at 26.5 feet in length they can be hung or wrapped in many different ways.

Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights

These Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights contain three sets of colorful light up flashing eyes (one pair of purple eyes, one yellow and one white) complete with fully rotating black eyelids. They can be used separately and placed in different rooms in your house or alternatively they can be hooked together using the end to end connectors to create a bright and bold single display.

Six Piece Witch Hat String of Decor Lights

This Witch Hat String of Lights is a unique lighted decoration since it is fairy lights put into witch hats. There are 6 six orange and purple witch hats hung along the string of fairy lights. You can choose to have a steady or a flashing light. This string is 33 feet long, so can decorate a large space. These can be used indoors or out.

18 Feet Purple Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights18 Feet Purple Indoor/Outdoor Rope LightsCheck Price on AmazonHalloween Lighted Bat Window DecorationHalloween Lighted Bat Window DecorationCheck Price on AmazonLighted Cat on Moon Window DecorationLighted Cat on Moon Window DecorationCheck Price on Amazon100 Orange Halloween Lights Set With Black Wire100 Orange Halloween Lights Set With Black WireCheck Price on AmazonFlashing Eyes Halloween Lights, Set of ThreeFlashing Eyes Halloween Lights, Set of ThreeCheck Price on AmazonSix Piece Witch Hat String of Decor LightsSix Piece Witch Hat String of Decor LightsCheck Price on Amazon

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