Starting a Health Reset in the Fall

We usually make health goals right before the first of the year as part of our New Years’ resolutions, but I’ve realized that the fall or autumn season can also be an effective time to make them too. There is something about fall that feels like a fresh start. Summer is over, and I don’t have any major vacations or trips planned for a while. It seems like the perfect time to review my health habits and lifestyle, and make a few changes to achieve my personal health goals.

There is no reason only to create goals on January first! In fact, this time of year is notorious for people creating unrealistic goals that only last a few days or weeks, then are forgotten about for the rest of the year. Seasonal goals can be a lot easier to accomplish than a goal made at the beginning of the year for the entire year.

Once I thought about setting or resetting goals in the fall I decided to start making quarterly goals. And fall seemed like the perfect time time to start.

I am going to make goals that I have a better chance of accomplishing within 2-3 months. They should be much more realistic and within my reach and maybe won’t feel so overwhelming.

My resolution to lose 50 pounds for the new year was so overwhelming last year and I failed miserably. But losing 15 pounds in a quarter sound so much easier and doable.

I am hoping to get my new healthy habits in hand before the holidays, as it seems easier to keep up a habit than to start a new one at the holidays. And waiting til “After the holidays” puts me right beck in the January resolutions rut!

A fall health reset is to me about choosing small habits to implement into my life that are not just good for now, but I can continue each quarter.

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