Top Rated Hand Held Immersion Blender Reviews

red hand held immersion blenderKitchen tools keep getting better and easier to use. When a kitchen tool is designed with customer ease and longevity of use in mind during tasks, you end up with one that’s outstanding in features, design, performance, and durability. The following reviews are for four of the top rated Hand Held Immersion Blenders

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Taking the lead in comfort, the Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender was designed unlike other blenders. Instead of having a straight end, this one has a base formed in a unique bell shape. The importance of this design is coupled with inside grips that keeps the mixture solidly mixed in the container, rather than having the blender pulled to bottom of the dish.

This design makes it easier for the foods to mix more completely and doesn’t require as much effort on the user’s part. The ergonomic grip is easy to use with the slightest touch on the trigger button giving users a much better range of control.

You can keep control no matter how tall the pot is that you’re working with, because at 8 inches the immersion blender can mix easily at that depth. So that means it’s easy to mix your soup at the right consistency – even while you’re in the middle of making it.

The gadget is powerful, and the speed can adjust – and since the Breville is so easy to handle, you can change the speed even while you’re using this kitchen tool. And while you’re using it, you won’t have to be concerned that it will scratch up your pots and pans, because it has a base that won’t cause any scratches. So you can chop or mix or grind in any dish.

The shaft made for this immersion blender is made of stainless steel, so you know it’s going to be tough enough to handle the task as well as being easy to keep clean. You can do the mixing or blending job in any container, but you do get a 25-ounce bowl that comes with the blender – so that’s handy for any recipe and eliminates dirtying up an extra bowl. But you also get a jug that can hold up to 42 ounces as well.

Cuisinart CSB-76 SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender

Blending ingredients can be the beginning process of some delicious food creations, but no one wants to drag out a full sized blender every time one is needed. That’s why the Cuisinart CSB-76 SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender is so helpful.

This lightweight stick blender can mix up ingredients in whatever pot or dish that you’re working in. If you’re at the stove and need to blend right into the pot while the food is cooking, you can use this stick blender – but you couldn’t do that with a regular blender.

The Cuisinart is good to use in any size or shape mixing bowl or you can even whip up drinks in a tall pitcher using the blender. It’s super easy to use without a lot of different buttons or settings to figure out.

All users have to do is press one button to blend in order to start the blender and let go of the button to get the motor to stop. The blender has a comfortable handle that’s easy to hold, so users can mix ingredients using only one hand, while freeing up the other hand.

And while this gadget might look small, it actually delivers plenty of power with the 200-watt motor. Cleaning is a cinch with this model, too – because when you’re all finished mixing and it’s time to clean up, you can remove the shaft and pop it right into the dishwasher. The machine itself is just a simple wipe down job to keep it clean and ready to use.

One of the great features with the Cuisinart blender is the blending attachment that simply snaps into place. The blade is stainless steel for sturdy, long lasting use – and the cover protects users against food and drink splash back. So you can blend sauces or soups or make drinks without making a mess. The blender is also handy to use when you want to emulsify.

The mixer comes with a plastic beaker than can hold two cups of whatever you’re making. The beaker is multi purpose and has a nice convenient pour spout for easy transferring of ingredients.

At 14-1/8 inches, the blender is the perfect size for any blending job and the design of this kitchen tool will enable you to fit it easily into whatever container you’re using it with.

Along with the brushed chrome, the blender comes in bright, eye-popping colors that will look great in any kitchen. The Cuisinart has a lengthy three-year warranty.

KitchenAid KHB100WH Immersion Hand Blender

Sometimes smaller appliances can be used to perform the same jobs that larger appliances can – and they save you both money and kitchen space. That’s what you get with the KitchenAid KHB100WH Immersion Hand Blender, plenty of savings both for your budget and in countertop space.

The authority by which this immersion blender can tackle your kitchen needs is found in the strength of the motor. Its strong operating system is designed to blend, mix and more. Despite the depth of power the motor has, it doesn’t make a lot of noise and it earns high marks for long lasting use.

The immersion blender has a variety of speeds in its dial that start at a one and go all the way up to a nine. With the dial located on the top of the appliance for handy visibility, it’s easy to see what speed you’re at when you want to adjust.

This wide variety of speeds allows you to find the perfect tempo for the blade, whether you’re whipping up something creamy or chopping up vegetables. The power is at your fingertips with a simple button control.

When you want to use the appliance, you press the button and it’s off and running. To stop the appliance, all you do is move your finger off the control button. Holding onto the KitchenAid immersion blender is comfortable for users because the handle is slip resistant and ergonomically designed.

Putting the blending piece in place is effortless, since it fits within the motor. This piece houses the stainless steel blade that’s quite sharp, so you get precision blending each time. To keep food splatters from occurring, there is a splashguard in place.

The immersion blender has tug free attachments. When you get finished using the attachment, you press the ejector buttons and the attachment piece pops right off. You can immerse this blender up to 8 inches deep into whatever pot you’re using for cooking – or into whatever container you’re using for mixing.

The blender comes with a beaker you can use to mix up to 3 cups of ingredients. The beaker also has a lid, so if you want to mix a sauce or something, cover it and stick it in the refrigerator, you have that option.

The appliance wipes clean and the pieces that snap into it as well as the beaker are all dishwasher safe. The size of the blender is 17 x 3 x 6 and it comes with a 5-foot cord. There is a 12-month warranty in place with the purchase of the blender.

Krups GPA30842 Immersion Blender

It’s not always easy knowing which immersion blender to buy when you’re faced with so many different choices. Looking at the features and comparing price against the features is a good way to narrow the choices down so that you get the one that’s suitable for your kitchen needs. The Krups GPA30842 Immersion Blender is one of the most highly recommended immersion blenders because of its high performance capability.

The features alone in this handy appliance make this blender one that’s worth checking out – and youíll see that it offers a lot for its price tag. For starters, the design gives a hint at the power waiting in the gadget. It’s large, but shaped for comfort and users can easily control the blender with a light hold on the handle.

Power is one of the keys to a great immersion blender and this one has a lot of it. The wattage in the Krups immersion blender is an astonishing 600 watts. That kind of power can easily tackle the thickest of mixtures like it was whirring through water instead of solids.

With that much power, you’re not limited in what you can do in the kitchen. The blender can whip up foods or drinks and it can also finely chop any ingredient. The gadget has a selection of 6 different speeds you can use, which is handy so you can adjust the speed, depending on whatever it is that you’re making.

A real perk with this immersion blender is that the tool has an LCD screen. This well lit screen shows users what speed they’re working with and the screen is visible during use, so users can tell when they need to raise or lower the speed.

The speed dial is conveniently located on the handle of the blender for your convenience. These speeds can blend or mix or puree and the gadget also has the ability to do a pulse blend.

The stainless steel shaft is high quality and meets all industry standards against rust and wear and tear. When you’re finished mixing with the shaft, it pops out easily and you can use the dishwasher to get it clean and ready for future mixing.

You’ll get some extra accessories with the Krups – like a mini chopper and a beaker that you can use to mix in. It comes with a whisk, too – and if you prefer to hang your small kitchen appliances on the wall, you can use the wall mount that comes with the purchase.

After doing this review I chose the Cuisinart Blender Stick for myself. I love it and use it quite often. But no matter which of these four Immersion Hand Blender you choose, you should be very pleased as they are all excellent hand held blenders.

Breville Control Grip Immersion BlenderBreville Control Grip Immersion BlenderCheck Price on AmazonCuisinart SmartStick Immersion Hand BlenderCuisinart SmartStick Immersion Hand BlenderCheck Price on AmazonKitchenAid Immersion Hand BlenderKitchenAid Immersion Hand BlenderCheck Price on AmazonKRUPS Immersion BlenderKRUPS Immersion BlenderCheck Price on Amazon

P.S.These also make great gifts. Now that I have mine and love it so, I am giving one to my daughter-in-law this Christmas.

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