Travel Tip: An Easy Way to Remember Not to Drink the Local Water

In so many countries the tap water is unsafe to drink. Although lots of hotels claim to have fairly safe water, why take a chance of ruining your vacation? We don’t – just in case….

It is especially hard to remember when you are brushing your teeth. Don’t even rinse off the toothbrush or rinse out your mouth with tap water. I found myself rinsing out the toothbrush and then remembering. So I found a way to help me remember to use my bottled water for teeth brushing, pill taking and more at the sink.

Many hotels in Europe and others don’t provide wash cloths, so I always bring several brightly colored wash cloths  to use. I drape one over the faucet and another one over the water glass, and the rest I use for my shower. When you see the cloths over the faucet and glass, it will remind you to use your bottled water.

Keeping a bottle of water in the bathroom helps too. Fill up your glass with bottled water before you start to brush your teeth.

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