Use this Gadget to Make Fast & Easy Work of Pitting Cherries

If you like to use fresh cherries in your cooking, then this Cherry Pitter that pits 6 cherries at at time is the answer to your dreams.

I pitted cherries by hand for many years, but then moved to a cherry pitter that did one cherry at at time. But that was still so time consuming.

Then I came across this gadget make it easy-peasy and fast. After washing the cherries and taking off the stems, I just placed 6 cherries in the little holder, pushed down and the top and voila – 6 pitted cherries! The pits fall to the small enclosed area below. Then you can either take the cherries out from the tray one or two at a time, or easily lift the tray and dump into your bowl of pitted cherries. When the tray gets full of pits, lift the holder and dump the pits.

Clean up is easy too. The pitter is dishwasher safe, but it is so easy just to rinse off thoroughly and air dry that it hardly seems worth running it through the dishwasher.

Cherry Pitter, Pit 6 Cherries at OnceCherry Pitter, Pit 6 Cherries at OnceCheck Price on Amazon



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